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We are proud to have manufactured the first and only shiplift in Turkey.

Design, analysis, automation and software studies of the project was built by the team of Almar Shipyard engineers and the entire system is Bureau Veritas class certified. The Shiplift system is the most advantageous system in terms of operation times and costs for launching and lifting ships and various marine vehicles. We design and manufacture shiplifts in the desired lifting capacity and platform sizes in line with the demands and field requirements of our customers. As Almar Shipyard, we always prioritize occupational safety during operation. The software, automation system and safety devices prepared for this purpose take action according to the feedback it receives and provide ease of use to the operator, as well as ensuring operational safety. Thanks to the remote access facility, we provide fast and effective service for any system failures.

Technicial Specifications

Max. Lifting Capacity:    2000 tons

Max. Distributed Load:    60 tons/m

Number of Winches:    12 pieces

Hoist Capacity:    360 tons

Platform Lifting/ Lowering Speed:    0.22 m/min

Platform Dimensions:    80m x 22m

12 pieces sidelock and 2 pieces endlock devices for extra safety

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